Local Artist Tips

At the Dakota gives local artists tips when applying for BASSINTHEGRASS

Are you a local Darwin band? Want to play on the BASSINTHEGRASS lineup?

Of course you do! It’s the biggest  music event of the year!

We had the joy of playing in 2016 and we’ve been asked to help a brother/sister out with some tips on applying for BITG. So, here are the top 5 tips from us on how to make your BITG application stand out!

  1. Put Some Solid Effort Into It: You want to show the bookers that you’ve got chops so make sure you put effort into your application. For example: get some good recordings of your music and a killer press shot so they know how good you sound and look!
  2. Get It Done Early: We know its very un-Darwin of us, but make sure you don’t leave it until the last minute. Nobody wants the stress of realising BITG applications close tomorrow and you’re not ready.
  3. Build Support: You need people to vote for you and to make it clear to the bookers that you’re a solid choice. Ask your fans, friends, family and pets for votes. Encourage them and celebrate them when they vote for you. Make a promo video to get votes, do a public event or ask people in Smith St Mall… anything to get the word out.
  4. Know What Sets You Apart: In your application make sure you show BITG that you’ve got something different about you. Think about it… if dozens of bands apply you need to stand out and show them why you’re a better choice.
  5. Ask For Help: There’s a bunch of great organisations and resources out there to help with these sorts of applications. Get in contact with the crew from MusicNT and ask for some advice – those guys are legends and love helping NT musicians: musicnt.com.au

Good luck to everyone applying. It’s an amazing experience so fingers crossed for you!

Cheers mates!

At The Dakota