Open Scars

Cityside Stage · 12:00pm


Open Scars are a three-part indie rock band from Darwin, Northern Territory. The band consists of three Darwin High Students, Michael South, Jack Fredericks and Zoë Bailey. After forming in late 2018, the three set out to conquer the NT Music School’s Battle of the School Bands.

Open Scars provide a unique sound influenced by Rock, Reggae, Blues and modern Pop. The trio came together from other school-based bands to bring a diverse experience from a various Rock sub-genre.

Zoë Bailey’s strong vocal range, along with her acoustic percussion and guitar, is perfectly accompanied by fellow band mates Michael South (electric guitar) and Jack Fredericks (electric guitar), who skilfully share the role of rhythm and lead guitar, producing a balanced sound all over.

Beginning in pubs and open mic nights, Open Scars made their debut at the First Sunday Blues in February 2019 and further went on to achieve the winning title at the Northern Territory Music School’s 10th Anniversary of the Battle of the School Bands in May.

Open Scars are a unique sound like none other and are worth the listen!